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Bathrooms are one of the most important and personal rooms in a dwelling. In fact, in some homes, some homeowners see it as a sort of sanctuary after a long day at work.

Because bathrooms are such an essential and personal part of the home that often gets neglected, we at Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain believe everyone should have the bathroom they deserve with everything they need. Our bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation experts help you rebuild the bathroom of your dreams at affordable price rates with flexible finance options.

A more efficient bathroom by Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain will save you money in the long run in addition to preserving the home and reducing strain on the environment. Remodeling your bathroom will give you the chance to replace the old inefficient pipes and fixtures that save on the electricity bills and curb water wasting while reinvigorating your home.


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Because our plumbers have worked in area homes for decades, we at Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain are always happy and prepared to help with just about any bathroom renovation or bathroom remodeling project that a customer needs or wants. We offer a wide range of options available with special offers and online deals so that you don’t have to hire any other contractors or handyman to do any of the specialized skilled work because we do it all when it comes to residential bathroom work.

Most importantly, we guarantee to get the job done right the first time. Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain is proud to be your one-stop shop for bathroom makeovers as well as anything related to residential and excavation. We are local bathroom remodel experts who help with all types of restroom renovations. Best of all, we back up every bit of work with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee that’s 100% across the board.

Our Top-Notch Bathroom Remodeling Services Include:

  • Sink replacement
  • Tile floor installation
  • Shower conversion
  • New toilet installation
  • Bathroom floor replacement
  • New shower door installation
  • Walk-in bathtub installation
  • Drainage repairs and drain system replacement
  • Vanity installation and mirror installation
  • Drywall or cement board installation
  • New faucets installation and sink repairs
  • Shower fixture installation and shower repair
  • The bathroom of your dreams
  • Free design work included
  • And much more!
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What to Expect During a Bathroom Remodeling Job

Occasionally, as with any type of home remodeling project, the remodeling of a bathroom might require changes in plans. When this happens, it can affect overall bathroom remodel costs in good or not-so-good ways.

The best way to avoid these kinds of surprises is to prepare yourself and do as much research as possible. It also helps, when it comes to completely remodeling a bathroom, to work with an expert remodeling company like Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain. Our bathroom remodeling services are an excellent way to avoid problems, and you might even end up learning a few ways to save money.

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Frequently Asked Bathroom Remodeling Questions

At Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain, we’re dedicated to finding a solution for our customers so they can live in comfort. If you have any questions, give us a call at (937) 404-6575.

What does the remodeling process look like?

A lot of work can go into a bathroom remodel, work that may involve a number of unique and particular tasks. Such tasks are best completed in a particular order, for the sake of maximum efficiency and minimal complications due to, say, present activities disrupting old work.

Now, we’re about to take a closer look at the sequential steps of remodeling a bathroom, broken up into phases. First, however, let’s remind ourselves that all of this is somewhat flexible. While there is a general order that bathroom remodels follow, it can be modified to better fit the specifics of a given project.

Broadly speaking, the remodel process includes laying the groundwork, setting the stage, the waterworks, design, and defining the atmosphere.

Why should I remodel my bathroom?
You might want to remodel your bathroom to enhance its functionality, such as adding more storage or updating fixtures for better efficiency. Aesthetic reasons could also drive your desire, like creating a more modern or luxurious ambiance. Addressing wear and tear or outdated features might be another motivation, ensuring your bathroom aligns with your current tastes and lifestyle. Ultimately, a bathroom remodel can significantly improve the comfort, convenience, and overall value of your home.
Does Beavercreek Plumbing & Drain ever work with subcontractors?

We do, but not for plumbing. Depending on the scope of the work, we may partner up with construction companies or carpenters to get the job done right.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Beavercreek, OH

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Whether you’re looking for toilet repair, faucet repair, sink repair, shower repair, dishwasher repair, garbage disposal repair, water heater repair or pipe repairs, we can help. We also help with drain problems, pipe problems, drain cleaning, sewer lines and excavation, sump pumps, toilet clogging, toilet over flooding, plumbing installations, washing machines, water damage cleanup  & more!

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